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A Partnership between San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco

Program Overview

Metro College Success is a ‘school within a school’ giving students a personalized educational home over four semesters.
Each Metro cohort of some 140 students takes two linked courses together each semester, building a strong learning community for academic & social support. Learn more

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Take advantage of a clear, concise educational plan tailored to meet your specific needs! Join the Metro community and enjoy all it has to offer, including: personalized academic counseling, a team of faculty dedicated to your success, and curriculum linked to real life. Learn more
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Alumni Spotlights

The Metro College Success Program takes great pride in helping our students realize and reach their full potential.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know our students and their success
stories.  Learn more


Recent News


Read our 2014-2016 program updates for Metro’s latest news and updates

Metro launches program update report to share exciting news and updates. Data on student outcomes, conference attendances, alumni spotlights, and... Read More →

Metro Featured in New Book on International Best Practices

A case study on Metro was also just published by the UK-based Higher Education Academy in a new book on... Read More →

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Metro College Success Program puts students on a clear, fast
track to graduation and success. Learn More

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